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Android reportedly is collecting 10 times more user data than iOS

NASHVILLE: Soon after reports emerged about how Google continues to monitor a user`s location even if the location services have been turned off, a new study has claimed that the search giant also resorts to passive methods of data collection through Android phones, which are often overlooked.

A study by Vanderbilt University also claims that Android smartphones are collecting almost 10 times more data than Apple iOS.

In the study, the researchers have looked at the less obvious ways for Google to collect the data where the user may not be aware of sharing the information. Such methods include the use of platforms such as Android and Chrome, apps such as Search, YouTube, Maps, and publisher tools like Google Analytics and AdSense.

According to Mashable, Google has disputed the study by saying that it contains wildly misleading information. However, what is startling from the study is that both Android and Chrome were found sharing data with Google even through a stationary Android phone.

The researchers have found that the idle phone with Chrome active in the background sent location information to Google 340 times during a period of 24 hours. This rate is significantly higher when it being compared to Apple iOS.



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