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Terrifying video: Angry hippo chases tourists’ boat

NAIROBI: In a terrifying incident, an enraged hippo chased the tourists’ speedboat in Kenya’s Lake Victoria and forced them out of the territory.       

In a terrifying video that went viral on social media, four hippos can be seen in the lake before the tourists’ boat approaches them.


 One of the hippos gets angry after spotting the boat in their territory. The huge mammal is seen making an angry guttural sound as it leaped forward at starting chasing the speedboat.

Tourists watched in fear as the animal glided through the water. But suddenly, it disappeared underwater and then resurfaced briefly to breathe.

The incident was filmed by Dicken Muchena last Friday, according to a Daily Mail report. Muchena was one of the four people who were on the speedboat to catch a glimpse of the semiaquatic animals.



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