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Anil Kapoor to voice character in Family Guy!

Anil Kapoor has previously starred in Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire and subsequently was cast as Omar Hassan in popular America TV series 24. It seems like Kapoor’s romance with American entertainment projects is not quite over, as he will be lending his voice to the worldwide popular cartoon franchise Family Guy.

As per media sources, the veteran Bollywood actor is headed off to Los Angeles to record for the comedy cartoon series. Anil refused to spill details about his character from Family Guy. He however did state that his character will be seen with the Griffin family.

“My character will appear with the Griffin family. It is a new experience for me. And you know how much I like going into new experiences,” Anil disclosed. He also revealed the fact that voicing a character for Family Guy impressed his children, who were avid fans of the show. “My children are crazy about the show. They can’t believe I am doing a voice in Family Guy,” stated an enthusiastic Kapoor.

Family Guy is a show created by Seth MacFarlane, who also regularly lends his voice to the show. Most of Hollywood’s biggest names have appeared as guest stars on the show. Hollywood beauty Mila Kunis is also a regular feature in Family Guy. Though Family Guy is a cartoon, the cartoon series can be graphic at times. Featuring adult jokes, insults and even violence, it has had a steady run since debuting in 1999. Family Guy showcases the daily lives of a family which includes parents Peter and Lois, kids Meg, Chris and Stewie. The Griffin family has a house pet Brian and here’s the catch; he can talk!

Congratulations to Anil Kapoor for securing a coveted spot on the Griffin family’s couch. Let’s hope the actor lives up to the expectations and has us all doubling up with laughter, in the days to come!






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