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Animal rights activists speak up for chained elephant in Islamabad zoo

According to details, the elephant named Kaavan has been chained in solitary after his female partner named Saheli passed away three years ago. He was brought to Pakistan in 1985 from Sri Lanka.

It is being said that the elephant had strong effects on him after Saheli’s death. The management of the zoo chain Kaavan’s all four legs instead of providing the necessary treatment or bringing him a new partner.

Pakistani-American Zareen Khan was the first person to raise her voice for the cruelty against the animal by initiating a petition signing campaign online.

The zoo management decided to unchain two of Kaavan’s legs after receiving emails against the cruelty on the animal.

Users of the social media website Facebook also took to the website to express their concerns regarding the treatment towards Kaavan.

The Capital Development Authority posted a video of Kaavan walking with his legs unchained. However, a local newspaper reported that two of its legs are still in chains.

CDA claims that the animal is alright and the situation is being wrongly depicted in the media. They claimed that the elephant is taking its meal and having baths on regular basis.

They also stated that the norm of chaining animals is practiced across the world and the administration is trying its level best to end it.



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