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Another child dies in Thar

The death toll due to food shortage in the district has reached to 141 with the death of another little one.

The area continues to suffer food shortage due to severe drought and absence of government response to the public health challenges in the area for a long time.

Scarce rainfall and the government’s inability to ensure food supplies in Tharparkar causes malnutrition in mothers which results in serious health problems in newborn children.

Scores of children have been admitted at hospitals in the area and many said to be in a serious condition.

Provincial government of Pakistan People’s Party in Sindh headed by Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah faces scathing criticism from the opposition and the public for its failure to ensure food supplies to Thar region and its lethargic response to tackle the drought in the arid district.

The Thar desert, straddling the Indian border and one of Pakistan’s poorest areas, has seen an alarming number of children suffering pneumonia or diarrhoea due to a dangerous mix of drought, poverty and poor health infrastructure.



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