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Another Meera shocker: actress to pen a tell-all book

We’ve seen her grapple with the English language (and wince) and try her hand at different things. A couple of months earlier, Meera had announced to the world that she was directing an upcoming movie by the name of Oscar. The actress had surprised a lot of people when she had claimed that the movie would be bilingual and feature more dialogues in English more than Urdu.

Now, the actress has again come up with an interesting statement. According to Meera, she’s about to take a break from the spotlight and focus on writing a book!

“I’m writing a book, in which I will detail every personality and every incident close to my heart, everyone who hurt me, damaged me, made me who I am, as well as those who treated me well. The book will be my perception of them,” she said in an interview to a local TV channel.

“I may have something interesting up my sleeve in the future, but for now I want to take a bit of a break from the industry. I don’t want to work right now. I will only do a film project if a good one is offered to me.”


Meera’s film Hotal is about to be released this weekend, for which the actress is soon to arrive in Karachi and take part in the due promotions. The actress also spoke about the movie and said that it would evoke strong responses from the audience, especially the younger generation.

“I accepted the role [in Hotal] because it’s an interesting film. It will have a niche audience, mostly from the young generation,” she said.  “The film has suspense, thrill, horror – it’s very intelligent cinema. It’s Pakistan’s first suspense-thriller-psycho film. It has a little bit of action and romance too,” Meera added.

Meera also made a tall claim when she said that she would be remembered for her acting skills in Hotal much like Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

We’re sure whenever Meera’s book releases, it would definitely make for an interesting read!



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