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Halla Gulla to hit theatres soon!

We all remember him in Namaaloom Afraad as the hilarious, coward old man who stuttered quite frequently. Javed Sheikh will yet again take the lead role in an upcoming Pakistani film that promises to be as fun and has also been tipped as somewhat like Nabil Qureshi’s Namaaloom Afraad.

The movie is going to be TV director Kamal Akbar Khan’s first time directing a movie. A few glances at some of the stills from the movie hint at it being a film which features a wedding. An item song for the film was also released titled Ishq Kamla.

Ishq Kamla OST Halla Gulla by pakiumdotcom

Halla Gulla will be a funny movie but the film director has discarded suggestions that the movie will be a sequel to NaMaaloom Afraad. “Nabeel Qureshi’s NMA was indeed a wonderful film, but Halla Gulla and NMA are poles apart,” explains Khan. While NMA focused on all aspects of Karachi, especially its everyday problems, Halla Gulla only shows the posh parts of Karachi — the neat and clean side.”

There’s a lot more for music fans as well. The movie will feature an array of songs (the item song included) and also a song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This is what the director had to say earlier about the film. “Halla Gulla will have at least five songs, which shows that it is a commercial comedy— one of which, “Ishq Kamla”, has been released. There is one item song and one club song along with others.”


A few details regarding the film were spilled, even though the plot is still shrouded in mystery. The movie is going to be a light comedy such as Bollywood movies Houseful and Golmaal. Plus, Javed Sheikh will play the role of a don and Asim Mehmood will be his son, on-screen. How the movie plays out to be will be seen yet with the Pakistani film industry on the rise, high expectations have been set on Halla Gulla!



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