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Another ‘top leader’ to join Mustafa Kamal today

The presser will be held at 3pm at residence of the ex-Karachi mayor Kamal. Anees Qaimkhani will also be present on the occasion.

Kamal, however, refused to divulge further details about the new entrant. But sources told that the man, who is going to join Kamal, was living abroad for some time and was in contact with dissident party leaders.

 Ex-Rabita Committee member Waseem Aftab, MPA Iftikhar joins Mustafa Kamal


Couple of days ago, former Sindh health minister ex-MQM leader Dr. Sagheer Ahmed announced to resign as MPA and join Kamal’s party.

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He vented out his anger against the party chief Altaf Hussain and his policies. Kamal has announced his own political party, however its name could not be finalized as yet. In his first press conference, Kamal showed Pakistani flag and said it will be party’s flag as well.



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