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Antelope spotted with thick spider web between its horns

In a surprising incident, an antelope was spotted with a spider’s web densely woven between its horns at t the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.    

According to the details, safari visitors shocked when they spotted a spider’s web woven between the horns of the antelope.

Initially, they thought that the animal was trapped in plastic but when the antelope, they realized a densely woven spider’s web was wrapped across its horns.

Jess Isden, 39, saw the oryx in the distance through a pair of binoculars and thought it looked unusual.

Unable to work out what was wrapped around the animal’s horns, the group feared it was rubbish and were about to help free it.

But as the antelope walked closer to their car, Jess, who works for conservation research company, realised it was a thick spider web.

The whole space between the oryx’s horns had been covered by the web which had even been built over the animal’s face and down its nose, Mail Online reported.

Jess said: ‘We were bemused and confused when we first spotted it. We saw it through binoculars and couldn’t quite make it out at first. When we realised it was a spider’s web, we just thought it was odd.”

“I’m not sure if the web got there by accident and the oryx couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. I thought people might have seen it before but it does appear to be quite a rare occurrence. We saw it over a number of days and the web was there the whole time. It wouldn’t have been a new one every day so I don’t think the oryx was too concerned.”

“There were a couple of spiders running around on it. It was very calm and just carried on eating some grass, she added.

She said: ‘The web came down over its face so the oryx might have just walked through it.”

“Some people have suggested there were lots of spiders around because it had been wet but when we saw the oryx, it was in the middle of a drought and they wouldn’t have been around,” she added.



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