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Anti-Indian sentiments getting stronger in Occupied Kashmir: WSJ

The WSJ has said that months of protests triggered by the killing of a young Kashmiri freedom fighter are triggering an anger among the Kashmiri people.

The report said that death of more than 70 people by security forces to suppress a wave of protests that has swept across the region are now threatening to turn into yet another struggle by the Kashmiri people to get freedom from the Indian rule.

The report further said Pakistan has long demanded the right of self-determination to Kashmiri people and has been asking the United Nations to implement its long-standing resolution to this effect.

Young Kashmiris are growing restless in the valley. “They don’t control us here by giving us flowers,” said Aala Fazili, a scholar and activist at the University of Kashmir, referring to the Indian authorities. “So our response cannot be just giving them flowers.”




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