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Anushka Sharma's NH10 cleared by Censor board

For the moment, Virat Kohli’s girlfriend can take a deep breath and relax.

Anushka Sharma’s upcoming thriller flick NH10 has been cleared by Indian censors after due deliberation. Much speculation about the film not getting the censor’s approval at all was also doing the rounds. Yet NH10 successfully passed with an ‘A’ certificate. The film has retained most of its cuss words except for some where a beep has been inserted to mute the unpleasant/filthy language. The movie has also been subjected to video cuts. .

Much is at stake for Anushka as NH10 is going to be the Bollywood beauty’s production maiden. She had already suffered a setback as the film was slated for a March 6 2015 release but got pushed back to March 13, propping promotion problems.  A source connected to the film says, “The team has already faced heavy losses in the publicity department. Earlier, it was supposed to release on March 6 but was later postponed to March 13.”

NH10’s trailer depicts a smooching scene between herself and her co-star Neil Bhoopalam as well as some cuss words being exchanged at different points in the movie, Anushka herself uttering a few. The movie is about a couple in love who decide to go to a secluded spot and enjoy a brief stay there. However, things definitely go awry when they witness a local hooligan and his partners in crime kidnap a girl against her will. Frightened, Arjun (Niel Bhoopalam) tries to interfere but gets a good drubbing. Begging for their lives, the couple is forced to flee for their lives and are being hunted down by the criminals. A tear stricken Anushka goes to the police but to no avail as she is against an enemy even the law enforcers hesitate to stand up against.

Directed by Navdeep Singh and co-produced by Phantom films, the trailer does look promising. With the film packing promising ingredients such as a holiday resort gone bad, a tyrant antagonist and gritty violence, it seems movie buffs have a lot to be thankful for considering the film is all set to release after surviving a few early hiccups!




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