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FIA official offered hefty bribe in fake accounts case

ISLAMABAD: A Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official conducting investigation in Rs35 billion fake accounts case was offered hefty bribe to stop pursuing money laundering investigation, ARY News reported.

According to details, a grade-17 FIA officer was offered two 2000 square feet bungalows and a high-paying job to back off from pursuing the case honestly. The officer reportedly declined the offer.

The correspondent added that FIA’s investigation has so far revealed that at least Rs44billion were laundered through fake accounts.

The investigation has been expedited to find out where all the money deposited in fake accounts was laundered.

Anwar Majeed’s arrest and minister’s wrath

Credible sources have revealed that Caretaker Interior Minister Mohammad Azam Khan contacted Secretary Interior and expressed anger when Omni group head Anwar Majeed was arrested from the Supreme Court premises on August 15.

The minister, reportedly, was of the view that Majeed’s arrest was illegal.

FIA officials, however, replied that the arrest was legal as the Omni group head was named in the First Information Report (FIR) registered in the case.

The fake accounts case

The Supreme Court in July had taken up a suo motu case regarding fake accounts that revolves around a 2015 inquiry into the suspicious transactions when 29 ‘benami’ bank accounts were identified. Seven individuals were found involved in transacting Rs35bn suspiciously.

Seven individuals were said to be involved in using those accounts for suspicious transactions. The accounts were allegedly used to channel funds received through kickbacks.

The investigation has, however, revealed that the amount laundered can go up to Rs100billion.



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