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Apparently Sonu Nigam thinks Qandeel Baloch is intelligent and courageous!

Qandeel Baloch is fast becoming quite the internet sensation owing to her outlandish videos and bizarre dialogues. While many Pakistanis might take exception to her social media posts and Facebook videos, she’s apparently found a fan in none other than India’s singing sensation Sonu Nigam. According to his latest tweet, Sonu Nigam was impressed with Baloch’s courage and intelligence.

While many would scratch their heads over Sonu’s latest tweet, one thing is definitely for certain; everyone IS talking about Qandeel. A couple of days ago, Qandeel promised to do a “strip dance”, if only the Pakistani cricket team would break the jinx and beat India in their Twenty20 World Cup encounter on March 19. The controversial video, as expected, drew much criticism and controversy but has got Ms Baloch her fair share of publicity.

Will the Pakistani drama queen continue to inspire more across the border with her antics?



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