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Appeal against acceptance of Imran’s papers for NA-243 rejected

KARACHI: A Sindh High Court appellate tribunal on Saturday dismissed an appeal challenging decision of the returning officer concerned to accept nomination papers of PTI chairman Imran Khan for Karachi’s NA-243 constituency. 

The tribunal turned down objections on the PTI chief’s nomination papers and upheld the RO’s decision.

A day earlier, a petition challenging the returning officer’s ruling of accepting nomination papers of Mr Khan for NA-131 Lahore was filed.  

The petition was filed before a Lahore High Court appellate tribunal, which states the RO illegally approved the papers of the PTI chief while overlooking certain facts.

It was argued that Mr. Khan is ineligible to contest the election for he was not honest and trustworthy as per the purport of Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

The tribunal was pleaded to set aside the RO’s decision and bar him from running in the upcoming general elections.

On June 19, the RO gave his ruling, approving the PTI chief’s papers while turning down objections raised on them.

Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party’s (PJDP) Abdul Wahab Baloch filed objections with the Returning Officers concerned, pointing out the issue of Sita White case.

He argued that the PTI chief is not eligible to contest the elections as he didn’t meet the criterion laid down under articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

Earlier, former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary, who also heads the PJDP has challenged Khan’s papers on the basis of Sita White case.

In an interview couple of days ago, retired justice Chaudhary, who is now the president of the Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party, claimed that he has evidence to show that Khan has admitted to being the father of Tyrian White while abroad, but denies the same in Pakistan.



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