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APS attack survivor shines in GCSE exams

KARACHI: Around four years after the Army Public School (APS) carnage that killed 150 people (mostly pupils), one of the survivors of the massacre, Ahmad Nawaz, excelled in GCSE [General Certificate of Secondary Education] examinations in the UK, securing top marks.

Ahmad secured six A* and two As in his eight international GCSE exams. He took to the social media to make this announcement, drawing widespread appreciation from numerous quarters for his feat.

“Thanks to my parents and all of you for supporting me. This is a big success for me and takes me many steps closer to my admission to the Oxford University,” the 17-year-old tweeted.

APS survivor Ahmad Nawaz GCSE

Ahmad was attending a lecture in the APS when the school came under attack. He received a bullet in his arm and narrowly escaped death. He then moved to a changing room for shelter where he and others came under fire for the second time but he managed to dodge death once again.

Director General of Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor on Friday congratulated Ahmad on his academic achievement.

“You made us all proud and defeated evil forces through your courage, determination and power of education,” he wrote on Twitter. “Good luck in your future pursuits. Stay blessed,” he added.

Reports said Ahmad was suffering from physical and psychological issues as he lost his younger brother, his best friend and saw terrorists burning the body of his teacher during the massacre.

APS survivor Ahmad Nawaz GCSE
Ahmad Nawaz at hospital after the APS attack.
Picture via: Daily Mail

Three months after the tragedy, he was shifted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. A vein from his leg was transplanted into his arm.

Subsequently, he took admission in the King Edward School, Birmingham. Ahmad has been working with the British Home Office, encouraging communities to unite and fight extremism together. He delivers lectures in educational institutions, and wants to join the United Nations.

APS survivor Ahmad Nawaz GCSE

On Dec 16, 2014 six terrorists stormed the school and martyred around 150 students and teachers. The security forces swiftly responded to the attack and killed all the terrorists.



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