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APS victim’s mother demands death for Ehsanullah Ehsan

KARACHI: A mother of one of the victims of 2014 APS massacre has demanded that former TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan should be hanged till death over his role in the tragedy which shook the whole Pakistan, ARY News reported.

“He is a killer of our children and deserves an exemplary punishment,” the mother who lost her child Asfand in the attack told ARY News on Wednesday.

She demanded that Ehsanullah Ehsan should be hanged publically within the premises of Army Public School, adding that Ehsan was a terrorist who deserved no soft corner and clemency.

Ehsanullah Ehsan is currently in military custody after surrendering to the authorities.  The Pakistan Army has maintained that all terrorists, whether captured or surrendered, will be punished.

The mother of the victim of the deadly tragedy maintained that Ehsan has merely expressed sorrow over the incident, which is not enough. She also said that Ehsan was not just a facilitator in the APS incident but was involved in a wide range of other offenses and has ruined the bustling homes of various families.

She said that APS was a preplanned act and those negligent in their duties leading to the incident are equally responsible for it. “It is easier to hold a terrorist responsible but those holding offices too should be held accountable”.

At least 144 lives were lost in the Peshawar school massacre of December 16, 2014, the deadliest terrorist attack in Pakistan’s history.

It took armed forces more than eight hours, after militants slipped into the heavily guarded compound through a back entrance, to clear the building.

After over eight hours of the carnage, the army had declared the operation to flush terrorists out over, and said that all nine insurgents had been killed, but the torrent of damage had already done in shape of martyrdom of school staffers and a large number of children.

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