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Arabian Nights-inspired City of Brass coming to PS4 in May

Uppercut Games has announced that Arabian Nights-inspired first-person hack and slash adventure game called City of Brass will launch on May 4, 2018 on PlayStation 4.

Ed Orman, one of the founders of Uppercut Games, made the announcement on the official PlayStation blog and also released a brand-new action-packed trailer showing off the game. The game is already playable on Steam Early Access.

City of Brass is a first-person action adventure, where players take on the role of a daring thief who has entered the ill-fated city in search of treasure, only to find it filled with traps, terrors and an evil curse that forces them to die and be reborn over and over again.

Armed with scimitar and a whip that can grab, trip, disarm, stun or shatter as well as swing, players will lash and slash, bait and trap their way through hordes of undead, collecting treasures and powerful relics as they struggle to reach the center of the city and break the curse.

Players also encounter Genies who will provide their services – for a price. With the ability to sprint, crouch, slide, leap and vault, players quickly become accustomed to fluidly moving and fighting through the city.

The city shifts and changes every time you play, and players have been provided tools to allowing to turn the challenge to the level that they are comfortable with.



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