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Arcade Fire rocker rallies for Greece in new song

Butler released a song entitled “Clean Monday,” named for the start of the Greek Orthodox period of Lent, which took place this week as Greece was drawing up a list of reforms in return for a bailout extension.

To synthesized strings, piano and a catchy bass line, Butler sings, “Take your robe off / Take out your thumbs / It’s just about some money loss.”

“You know we’re not scared / Of what could happen / If you leave us standing on our feet,” he sings.

Butler debuted the song for The Guardian as part of a project to write a song each day based on the headlines in the British newspaper.

Butler, writing in the newspaper, said he liked the youthfulness of Greece’s new left-leaning government and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, a professor-turned-politician who is negotiating with creditors and Germany, which has championed a hard line over Greece’s economic crisis.

“I’m rooting for Greece,” Butler wrote.

“I mean, broadly, who the hell isn’t rooting for Greece? Even if you’re super right wing, or super German, or super capitalist you probably don’t want Greece tumbling out of the euro and defaulting on its debts,” he wrote.

Butler, who is known for his skill at multiple instruments, was raised in Texas before joining his brother, lead singer Win Butler, in Montreal-based Arcade Fire.

The indie band was the surprise winner in 2011 of the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Will Butler is releasing his debut solo album next month. He was nominated last year for an Oscar for co-writing the music to the dark futuristic comedy “Her”. (AFP)



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