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Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are no longer friends

Yes guys, you read that right. Remember that awesome chemistry the duo shared just a few months back? Well, that’s all over now. The 2 States jodi are no longer best buddies. Read on to know the reason.

The two got along like a house on fire. They knew very well how to grab all eyes on them. And they were pretty adorable as well. Then what happened all of a sudden? Hmm, so apparently, Arjun Kapoor is still a bit sentimental about his Ananya.

Reportedly, during the film’s promotions, the duo spend a lot of time together, and Arjun ended up getting super possessive about Alia, which obviously did not go down very well with the latter.

Rumor has it that despite Alia making her displeasure clearly known to Arjun, yet he did not stop, due to which the duo had a small tiff.

Now, Alia and Arjun no longer share the same equation.



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