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Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh as Ram-Lakhan?

Now filmmaker Karan Johar is all set to produce the remake of this film in association with Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts and it will be directed by the super successful Rohit Shetty. While the jodi of KJo and Rohit Shetty in itself is a very interesting combination, we think that a younger cast to fill in the shoes of Anil and Jackie will be a challenge too. We bring you a list of actors who can play the important characters of the film.

Arjun Kapoor as Ram: In the original Ram Lakhan, the dashing Jackie Shroff essayed the role of a police officer. The character of Ram, like Lord Ram, was righteous, serious, focused and perfect depiction of ‘good’. He is the dependable elder brother who tries to protect and mend the ways of his mischievous younger brother. We think Arjun Kapoor can carry off the role of Ram perfectly as he has a serious side to him and has proved his acting skills in movies such as Gunday and 2 States. We think Arjun Kapoor will make a great police officer and will add that edge and roughness in the role, as required.

Ranveer Singh as Lakhan: When you think of the street-smart tapori Lakhan, the only name that comes to your mind besides Anil Kapoor is Ranveer Singh. Lakhan, who was the younger of two brothers, was immature and fun loving prankster with over ambitious dreams. He always wanted to make quick money and hence did not hesitate in going the corrupt way and joining hands with the bad guys. Ranveer can carry off the role of Lakhan with ease as he is charismatic, naughty and very energetic. He will be able to do justice to this role of smart-mouth tapori with a heart of gold. And we can already imagine Ranveer doing the famous dance Mera Naam Hai Lakhan in his tapori ishstyle.

Alia Bhatt as Radha: Well it is difficult for any actress to match up to Madhuri Dixit. However, we feel that Alia Bhatt has that innate innocence which makes her the perfect choice for this role. She will play Ranveer Singh’s love interest, which will also be interesting as it is a new pairing. In the film, Madhuri brought in grace and freshness to this character. She was very good as the down-to-earth Radha, who also plays a big role in bringing Lakhan to the right path. Also Alia knows how to groove to music and she will also bring in the glamour and romance, which is a must in any Karan Johar movie.

Priyanka Chopra as Geeta Kashyap: Geeta was the stylish and beautiful Police commissioner’s daughter. She plays the love interest of Ram. In the remake, Priyanka will be the perfect diva and play the love interest of Arjun Kapoor. Also since she has worked with both Arjun and Ranveer and shares good onscreen chemistry with them, having her in the film will increase its market value. She will enhance the glamour quotient of the movie. Dimple Kapadia had essayed the role in the original Subhash Ghai film.



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