Armed forces most trustworthy institution in Pakistan: survey

ISLAMABAD: It’s not just the social media heaping praise on Pakistan Army every other day. A latest survey has revealed that armed forces of the country are the most trustworthy institution among the public.

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According to a survey conducted by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat), the growing trust of public for the army has even grown in comparison to last year.

Similarly, the Supreme and High Courts of Pakistan earned a strong approval rating of 63% while the print and electronic media also generated high approval ratings of 55 % and 54% respectively.


The National Assembly was characteristic of an approval rating of 49%, followed by the civil courts (Lower Courts) at 43%. The Election Commission of Pakistan was able to earn an approval rating of 37%.

In contrast to the robust trust in the Armed Forces and media by the people of Pakistan, Political Parties (in contrast to the indicator of Trust in Favourite Political Party) and the police had lower ratings of 36% and 32 % respectively.

The report also contained popularity graph of politicianswith Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif leading the chart, followed by his brother and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.

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Armed forces most trustworthy institution in Pakistan: survey

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