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VIDEO: Armed with ‘Lathi’, wife saves husband from attackers

HARYANA: Just days after a viral video of wife saving journalist husband with a pistol in India, another video has surfaced proving that women are a force to be reckoned with.

A lady in Haryana took up sticks to protect her husband from getting beaten up by a group.

The entire incident was caught on camera, and has been shared online by Indian news agency ANI.

VIDEO: Gun-wielding wife saves ‘journalist’ husband from attackers

Wife saves husband harayana

The woman swings the stick and makes contact with the stick in the hands of one of the attackers. Another attacker tries to aim a blow at her, but she blocks it.

She then picks up another stick off the ground, which seems to have been dropped by one of the attackers. She backs away towards her husband and drops the second stick, out of reach off the attackers.

Wife saves husband harayana

Earlier this February, another woman brandishing a gun to scare off a bunch of men who were attacking her husband in front of their house in Lucknow had emerged on social media.




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