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Army gets biggest chunk of defence budget

In 2014-15 budget, government had earmarked Rs 700 billion for defence which were later revised to Rs 719 billion, In the budget for new fiscal year 2015-16, army would get Rs 371.04 billion (47.5% of the total defence budget), followed by Pakistan Air Force Rs 164.23 billion (21% of the defence allocation) and Pakistan Navy Rs 84.9 billion, which is 10.8% of the defence budget. While the DP Establishment/ISOs would be given Rs 160.7 billion.

The government described increase in defence budget for reasons as “country has rendered enormous sacrifices in both blood and treasure in fighting terrorism and requires a long-term effort to eradicate it.”

The increased allocation will enable the armed forces to meet their growing needs and challenges for security matters.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, in his budget speech, had said: “The operation Zarb-e-Azb had been initiated with a steely resolve to uproot this peril for good, and our Armed Forces have fought valiantly and accomplished exemplary successes, for which they deserve the gratitude of every Pakistani.


However, the atrocities committed by retreating and desperate remnants elements in Peshawar and Karachi are a reminder that we cannot be complacent in this war.”



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