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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sabotage is set to release on March 28

The premiere Hollywood's action thriller and suspense crime drama film Sabotage , starring Arnold Schwarzenegger held in New York where Scott Eastwood laps up the attention while Christopher Schwarzenegger flashes a shy smile at dad Arnie's Sabotage premiere.

Their fathers are two of Hollywood's biggest stars but Scott Eastwood and Christopher Schwarzenegger approach fame quite differently. 

While Scott, 27, leapt into the limelight with a topless spread in Town & Country magazine, Christopher, 16, prefers to keep a lower profile and their different personalities were obvious for all to see at the premiere of Christopher's father Arnold's new movie Sabotage, in Los Angeles on Wednesday. 

Aspiring actor Eastwood, who does not appear in the movie, gamely posed for photographers while Christopher simply gave a quick thumbs up as he rushed down the red carpet.

Sabotage  is directed by David Ayer, written by Skip Woods and Ayer. The film's release date is set for March 28, 2014. An unrated red band trailer for the film was released on February 7, 2014.



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