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Arrested suspects reveal identity of Musharraf attackers

According to the interrogation report, the arrested terrorists belong to Shahid-ur-Rehman Group. The saboteurs named Khursheed Khan, Sajid, Nazir Chaudhry and Zafar Iqbal used to collect for a banned outfit.

The report also stated that Mufti Fida and Maulvi Saeed had facilitated a church attack in Rawalpindi as they had brainwashed the suicide bomber.

It was also mentioned that terrorists named Moaaz Noor and Abdul Haq’s killed their targets after reconnaisance.

The interrogation report mentioned that the captured terrorists used to work under Ameer Junaid ur Rehman, who was the planner of the attack on the former President Pervez Musharraf and the SUPARCO employees.

It should be noted that Rehman had claimed the lives of several people on sectarian basis.



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