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Arsalan Iftikhar will respond if his father is accused: Pervez Rasheed

Talking to media here, the Information Minister said that Sheikh Rasheed only knows how to levy allegations, but he is not aware of the fact that gone are the days when the way of democracy used to be intercepted, it is now a time to curb terrorism.

He said that the PTI had raised objections at the time of submission of PM Nawaz Sharif’s nomination papers, it can still pursue its pastime, yet nothing would be achieved by this.

Commenting on August 14 long march, Pervez Rasheed suggested to wait a while, for Imran Khan’s plan will be changed.

Returning to a question about Arsalan Iftikhar, he said that if the former Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is accused without any basis, then his son will have to respond.



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