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Artist who drew PM Khan’s portrait gets to meet the prime minister

Pakistani artist Sonia Nisa, whose calligraphic painting of Prime Minister Imran Khan broke the Internet last month, has finally had her wish granted.

You guessed it right! She got to meet none other than Prime Minister Imran Khan in person and presented to him his portrait that she had created.

Nisa had drawn the facial features of the premier by writing the lyrics of Pakistan’s national anthem in such a design that upon completion, the calligraphy matched the prime minister.

On Thursday, she posted a video of her meeting PM Khan in Islamabad with her daughter.

PM Khan cut the ribbon of the painting and uncovered it before signing it.

She thanked Senator Faisal Javed and also to Iftikhar Durrani, PM’s Special Assistant, who she says, organised the whole meeting.

In the video, PM Khan visibly looks amazed by the unique piece of art whereas Ms Nisa looks excited to meet with the prime minister, who she calls an “honest, inspirational, and just leader” who she “sincerely admire(s) as a role model”.

In an earlier Instagram post, she had written that the project took 8-10 hours of work every day. She wanted it to present it to Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit to Doha, Qatar, however, she couldn’t get a chance to meet him.

She had appealed to the people through social media to spread her work so that it reaches the prime minister.

Watch the time-lapse video of she working on the mind blowing painting.




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