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Artist captures Ghalib’s work through rare graphic illustration

Shahid Rassam has said that art forms such as painting, poetry and music are all the same but they speak in different languages.

He said that he was a fan of poetry from his childhood and attached with it after going through his works.

Rassam said that he had worked with Indian writer Gulzar for the drama “Ghalib”. He added that the exposure of Ghalib’s work to canvas also brought to light some hidden aspects of the renowned poet.

The painter said that Ghalib was the one who wrote on surreal topics. He added that it was said earlier that British started the surrealist movement but it was the poet who wrote on surreal topics 150 years before the first World War.

Rassam added that he has painted more than 100 paintings on Ghalib which will be exhibited soon.

Shahid Rassam – A unique Artist by arynews



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