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Artists demand security after Sabri’s killing in Karachi

A group of singers, actors and models belonging to TV and film industry approached a police station in Defence on Saturday to submit a request demanding security for all the production houses owing to adverse law and order situation.

They demanded to assign police around the premises of production houses as they felt threatened after Sabri’s murder. The artists who submitted application for their security include Fakhr e Alam, Meera, Nabeel, Maria Wasti, Fakhir, Faisal Qureshi, Shabbir Jan and others.

Sabri was shot dead in Karachi in the afternoon of June 22, after unknown assailants attacked at his vehicle in Liaquatabad.

The artists had earlier uploaded video clips on their social media accounts expressing concern for their security.

While talking to media outside police station, Faisal Qureshi said he was not sure if the government could provide them security. Maria Wasti said they stood for everybody. Their voice represented public voice.

The police have ensured the artists to provide security at all the production houses in Defence.

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