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ARY Digital Network Celebrates 14th Anniversary Today

KARACHI: The leading and popular TV Network, ARY Digital is celebrating its 14th anniversary on Tuesday. The Network has special channels for Entertainment, Music, News and Religious programs.

The network, founded by Late Abdul Razzak Yakoob, started its transmission from Dubai in 2000. It has not only upheld professional values in these fourteen years but grew into a family of popular channels like ARY Digital, ARY News, ARY Zauq, ARY Zindagi, ARY Qtv and ARY Music. HBO and Nickelodeon are also the part of  ARY network.

It is an honor that ARY Network is number one source of entertainment and information while the plays aired on ARY Digital are popular among Urdu knowing viewers around the world. Besides entertainment and news channels, ARY is also spreading the light of Islam through its channel QTV.

ARY Films, who brought the Pakistani film industry on its feet is now ruling the roost in Pakistani cinema. ARY Films has received worldwide appreciation for creating a milestone in reviving Pakistani Cinema.  ARY is hoping to give viewers a holistic cinema experience in Pakistan through producing more movies. Since It managed to hit the bull’s eye with its movie WAAR now the fans are looking forward for WAAR-2 which is set to be released next.

ARY is also proud to include Waadi animations under its banner.

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The group thanks all its advertisers and viewers for their support.

The President and CEO Salman Iqbal in his special message thanked everyone on the behalf of his family while  saying  that whatever ARY is today is due to the struggle and hard work of the entire team.

When asked about the hardships ARY News faced while performing journalistic duties, Salman Iqbal said that one has to face hardships after speaking the truth. We strive to bring out truth and ensure journalistic objectivity.




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