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Catchy numbers in upcoming Eid flick 'Wrong Number'

The Yasir Nawaz film has been doing the rounds of social media and elsewhere after the release of its much anticipated trailer. Wrong Number is a delightful comedy film that contains a mix of veteran and freshly talented actors such as Javed Sheikh, Shafqat Cheema, Danish Taimoor, Suhai Ali Abro, Janita Asma, Nadeem Jaffri and Danish Nawaz.

Apparently, that’s not all. The six songs from the movie’s soundtrack offer a blend of upbeat, catchy and lyrically amazing songs which will drive you crazily in love with each and every aspect of the movie.

1. Bhaag Ja

duniya hai 4 dinon ki
chal pappu halwa khanay

Hats off to all of those who are involved in this song. Sung by Asrar and composed by Waqar Ali, Bhaag Ja is one of the best songs of this movie. The beat is a mixture of electronic guitars blended with the sound of intense, rythmic drumming. The deep-rooted lyrics condemn the world’s cynical nature. This fast paced song can be picturized with practically any action scene!

2.  Dheeray Dheeray

For all those who love to swoon to romantic songs, this one is for you. Sung by Sara Raza and Nabeel Qureshi, the song hits the mark at portraying a couple giddy with newfound love for each other. The track is also a lively one that reverberates with emotional feeling but soothing at the same time, allowing you to fall in love with it at the same time! Prominent lyricist Ayub Khawar did a great job with the pen as well!

3. Koi Bata De

This soulful track sung by Faisal Khan is laced with sorrowful and confused lyrics. The songs paint a vivid picture of a man lost, confused and oblivious of which path to take. This song is what makes the Wrong Number soundtrack so alluring and diverse; a mix of every genre.

4. Kundi 

This is one of those naughty, romantically pop tracks that become the voice of the film. Wrong Number has quite a few mesmerizing tracks that cater to each and every type of audience. However, this energetic and romantically enticing song is the story of a particular female expressing her love for another person in a rather bold way. The upbeat track and loud drums add to the lively feel of the song. Ayub Khawar again contributed quite marvelously with the lyrics and Humera Channa lent her melodious voice to the track.

5. Nachay Mann

For those who just can’t get enough of romantic songs, they need to get an earful of this. The lyrics in this song are catchy and bring out a lively vibe from the song. The song is a duet between Sara Rizvi and Nabeel Qureshi.

6. Selfiyan     

This particular song caters to the fragile ego of those who are particularly fond of taking their selfies! Selfiyan has been sung by Eliya Waqar and is one of those songs that provide catchy, modern lyrics and mesh them with an upbeat track.

All the songs on the soundtrack have been composed by Waqar Ali and penned by Ayub Khawar. The singers selected have outdone themselves and performed to their maximum ability. No doubt, Wrong Number’s soundtrack will propel the film towards unparalleled success and make it a hit among the masses.



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