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ARY News transmissions forced shut ahead of PTI rally

According to details, PEMRA and police on Saturday kicked off campaign to fade away the transmissions of ARY News, following which the broadcasts started shutting down in various cities including Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Sources told that cable operators are being pressurized to close down the transmissions of ARY News.

With the closure of transmissions, people from different cities made hundreds of telephone calls to ARY News offices, in great despair after being deprived of watching their favorite news channel which always brings them in-depth and facts-based news.

Meanwhile, the Awami Muslim League (AML) head, Sheikh Rasheed strongly condemned the closure of ARY News. He said that the move was aimed at keeping the masses uninformed about some bitter truths pertaining to the political sphere of the country.

PTI Punjab chapter’s president, Aijaz Chaudhry castigated the Sharif brothers saying that they have grown addicted to listening to their courtiers alone and implementing whatever they suggest.

Moreover, different political and social circles have also opposed the decision and expressed their serious concerns on the closure of ARY News under state patronage.



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