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ARY News transmissions suspended in Punjab

According to details, ARY News transmissions were suspended in several cities of Punjab due to the coverage of Inqilabi and Azadi March. As the viewers, know ARY News has been discharging its journalistic duties with utmost sense of responsibility, under the current circumstances of the state, yet some of the state institutions could not tolerate the coverage of their political opponents.

Due to the fact that ARY News always brings in-depth news and unbiased views to the people, its transmissions are being forced shut in several cities of Punjab including Multan, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, while in some cities its position is being shuffled on the local cable TV network.

Scores of citizens from these cities made telephone calls to ARY News offices and expressed their concerns for being deprived of their right of information, while many of them recorded their complaints on social media as well.



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