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Asad relied on Veena Malik’s money, says Mufti Naeem

KARACHI: As the marriage between actor Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak was about to be fall apart, renowned cleric Mufti Naeem attempted to settle matters between the couple. ARY News reported on Friday.

Addressing a press conference at  Jamia Binoria seminary after meeting the couple, Mufti Naeem said that Veena Malik has sacrificed a lot after marrying Asad Khattak.

“I feel that Veena Malik has spent a lot on Asad Khattak. After marriage, a man should take care of his wife and children’s needs but Khattak did not spend money on Veena but instead spent Veena’s money,” said the scholar.

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He added that Mr Asad Khattak was mainly responsible for the situation. Therefore, he said that it was decided that Asad would provide the maintenance expenses for the next three months, and the money will be submitted at the Jamia Binoria seminary.

The marriage of Veena Malik was on the brink of collapse as she had filed for divorce. However, the matter was reconciled after intervention of another renowned scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil.

The compromise occurred on Monday during ARY News show “11th Hour” as anchor Waseem Badami called the couple to present their side of the story then asked cleric to persuade Veena to forgive her husband.

However, matters took another turn afterwards leading to intervention of Mufti Naeem. Veena Malik had filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.



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