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Asad Umar worked ‘commendably’ in a difficult situation: Shahbaz Gill

LAHORE: Punjab government spokesperson, Shahbaz Gill, has said Asad Umar did a commendable work as finance minister in a difficult situation, ARY News reported.

Gill, speaking in the ARY News programme ‘11th Hour’, said Imran Khan was their leader; hence his decisions would be implemented. He said many people call Asad Umar their ideal as he enjoyed much respect among them.

He underlined that reshuffle in the cabinet wasn’t an illegitimate move.

The spokesperson claimed that during Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s tenure in 2014, the fiscal deficit stood at $20 billion, and it rose to $37 billion in 2018.

He said Asad Umar reduced the deficit to 16 percent in his eight months in office.

The PM has the prerogative to decide whether who will sit in the Cabinet, he stated.

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He said Imran Khan was the Prime Minister and leader of the party, and he could take any decision.

The Punjab Government spokesperson repeated that Imran Khan could remove or install any new member on any position, adding he had a legal right to do it.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Asad Umar announced Thursday that he is stepping down from his post as finance minister

In a statement on Twitter, Asad Umar broke the news by saying, “As part of a cabinet reshuffle PM desired that I take the energy minister portfolio instead of finance.”

“However, I have obtained his consent to not take any cabinet position. I strongly believe PM Imran Khan is the best hope for Pakistan and inshallah will make a naya pakistan,” the former minister added.



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