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ASF gets state-of-the-art equipments

The equipment for ASF are brought at a cost of Rs 550 million.

The force will get 10 armoured personnel carrier, and five of them will be given next week.

The state-of-the-art APCs are built in Taxilla. They will be deployed at key airports of the country as part of a enhanced security measure at sensitive installations. DG ASF said all airports had proper security cover.

Karachi:ASF equipped with best equipments by arynews

It may be noted here that the ASF had demanded Rs500 million to replace its old weapons with the new ones around four years ago. However, the demand was not entertained.


A senior official of the ASF had briefed the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence that the ASF possesses obsolete and outdated arms and ammunition, which poses a serious threat to the security of airports.

The committee was further informed that the arms carried by personnel of the ASF needed to be replaced with sophisticated weaponry to counter any security threat effectively.



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