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Zardari called killing of Osama Bin Laden “good news”, reveals Obama

Former US president Obama penned down a detailed account of the raid carried out by US troops in Laden’s compound in his book titled “A Promised Land” which was released on November 17.

In his latest book, “A Promised Land”, Obama wrote on his journey from the 2008 election campaign to the end of his first term with the US raid in Abbottabad. “A Promised Land” is the first of two planned volumes. The first part hit bookstores globally on Tuesday.

The 44th US President, in his new book, wrote that he had expected his “most difficult call” to be with Pakistan’s beleaguered president Asif Ali Zardari post the operation.

“I expected my most difficult call to be with Asif Ali Zardari, who would surely face a backlash at home over our violation of Pakistani sovereignty. When I reached him, however, he expressed congratulations and support. ‘Whatever the fallout,’ he said, ‘it’s very good news’,” Obama wrote

He wrote that when it became increasingly clear that Bin Laden was living in a hideout in Abbottabad, he decided to go for the kill.

The former US president revealed that his two closest aides, the then vice president Joe Biden and defence secretary Robert Gates opposed the raid.



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