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Imran Khan answers public questions on government radio

In an attempt to bridge the communication gap between the public and Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa’s ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan today

answered the most asked questions on social media live on Radio Pakhtunkhwa

that is aired on the frequency FM 92.9.


The question and answered session which began at 12pm today and was also broadcast on ARY News.  

It reached a nationwide audience of 700,000 listeners who either tuned into

Radio Pakhtunkhwa or heard the live streaming on the FM 92.2’s online portal.


The initiative was announced prior to being implemented during Imran Khan’s press conference which he delivered from Shikarpur yesterday in which he emphasized the need for leaders to build trust with the public and address their concerns at a personal level. It is learnt that lack of coordination between ministers and people is also among reasons that Imran Khan will hold radio show to interact with the public.  

The 40 minute radio show included live calls in which questions regarding

agricultural and educational reforms, counter terrorism policies and Imran

Khan’s personal life were raised. Imran Khan and speaker of the KPK assembly,

Asad Qaiser responded to the public concern and queries with much ease and



  And as today also marks the international Radio Day, he expressed his wish to revive the radio culture which has become almost obsolete in the urban areas of Pakistan.  


In his concluding statement, Imran Khan assured his listeners that he intended
on making this session a regular event which will take over the airwaves once
every three months.


  In support of this first ever in Pakistan’s history initiative, #AskIKOnRadioPakhtunkhwa has been trending on twitter which has been re-tweeted more than 100,000 times along with the questions people wish to personally Imran Khan.  




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