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At least four killed in Karachi blast

KARACHI: At least four people were killed and scores of others were wounded in a blast that ripped through the area of Delhi Colony in Karachi on Friday, ARY News reports.

Several motorcycles were destroyed whereas windows of nearby buildings were also broken by the blast. A government vehicle was also damaged by the blast.

Heavy smoke filled the area soon after the incident.

Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) surrounded the area and rescue teams started shifting the wounded to Jinnah Hospital.

Dr. Seemi Jamali, Head of Emergency Department at Jinnah Hospital, confirmed that four people were killed in the explosion.

Several of the wounded are said to be in critical condition.

Information Minister of Sindh Sharjeel Inam Memon, while touring the crime scene, said that the terrorists are waging war against the entire country. He said that federal government should stop the negotiation process with the terrorists.



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