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ATC issues production orders of Uzair Baloch

The court heard two cases against the Uzair Jan Baloch today.

The judge, hearing the cases, expressed his disappointment over the authorities’ failure to produce Baloch in the hearing and asked why the suspect could not be produced in the hearing today.

The court ordered the authorities to submit detailed report as to why they could not producing Uzair Baloch and issued production orders of the accused in the next hearing.

Uzair Jan Baloch was arrested by Rangers personnel from the outskirts of Karachi in late January of this year while he was trying to enter in the city.

It should be noted that Baloch had been wanted by law enforcement personnel on charges of murder, extortion and being a central figure in Lyari gang-war.

He is said to have confessed being involved in as many as 197 murders in the city.



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