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‘No move to appoint Atif Bajwa as governor State Bank’

ISLAMABAD: The spokesman of Finance Division here on Thursday strongly rebutted print and electronic media reports regarding appointment of CEO of Bank Alfalah Atif Bajwa as governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Terming the reports as mere speculations, the spokesman said that at present no proposal for appointing Atif Bajwa as governor SBP is under consideration.

The process for appointing governor SBP is however underway and a decision to this effect would be taken in due course. Till such time, Riaz Riazuddin shall continue to serve as the acting governor, the spokesman added.

Ashraf Mahmood Wathra retired as governor SBP on April 28 this year after serving on this post for three years.

Wathra is also Chairman of the SBP Board of Directors, which is a statutory body responsible for the general superintendence and direction of the affairs of the bank.

Prior to taking charge as governor, he was appointed as acting governor on January 31, 2014.

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