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Atiqa Odho made FPCCI standing committee head

Similarly, the FPCCI appointed Usama Qureshi as the Chairman of FPCCI’s Standing Committee on Energy  for the ongoing year. Usama is also serving as chairman of Pakistan Bahrain Business Council of FPCCI.

The new chairman has expressed his determination in contributing positively to the Energy sector of Pakistan with the support of FPCCI management and would also focus on creating opportunities for business community.

The decisions to this effect were taken by FPCCI chairman Abdul Rauf Alam.

On Ms Odho’s appointment, the FPCCI statement said the purpose of the said committee was to help facilitate networking between trade partners and the business community at large. “The other objective of this committee is to encourage on ground seminars, workshops & conferences related to the trade to narrow the gap between various sectors as well as encourage international partnerships.”

The said committee shall consist of stakeholders from all over Pakistan for the sake of national representation. All plans shall be regularly shared with relevant trade and media partners as well as with national and international press.



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