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Atlaf Hussain is in good health: Waseem Akhtar

Akhtar said the above-stated words during ARY News’ program Sawal Yeh Hai with Mansoor Ali Khan. He also spoke of how the same script was being repeated to ensure that MQM’s wings are clipped and the minus-one formula is implemented.

When he was asked as to how he would deal with his explosive temperament, Akhtar said that his portfolio required that he made sure that everyone was on-board with his decisions. Also, Akhtar said that Altaf Hussain had told him that he was the mayor of Karachi and not the mayor of MQM.

Waseem Akhtar also echoed the same sentiments as that of MQM’s Farooq Sattar when he said that jailed workers belonging to the party were being harrassed. He further said that some workers belonging to the party were being offered incentives to turn on MQM.

On the question of certain prominent individuals leaving MQM, Akhtar shrugged it off by stating that people such as Nabil Gabol and Afaq Ahmad had left the party in the past as well. He stated that this propaganda was also linked to the minus-one formula.

Speaking on the issue of militancy, he said Daesh did exist in Karachi.



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