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Two ATM cards hacked in Lahore

LAHORE: A group of hackers are reportedly active in Lahore and are responsible for withdrawing money from citizen’s bank accounts by hacking ATM cards raising concerns about safety and security. 

The ATM cards of two citizens were hacked in Baghbanpura and Harbanspura area. Shahbaz Ahmed and Aqdas Saleemi both had their accounts in the same bank.

A complaint has been launched with the Federal Investigation Agency, the banking ombudsman, and all their respective bank branches.

Shahbaz Ahmed claimed that that Rs50,000 has been embezzled from his account, while Akdas complained that Rs250,000 were withdrawn.

Both said that they were shocked when they received an SMS that the money was withdrawn from their account.

According to bank records, the suspects conducted the transactions from the ATMs of a private bank in Sargodha and Gujranwala.

The bank has also shown the sketch of one suspect to the victim Aqdas, while relevant authorities are conducting further investigation against the suspect hackers. 



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