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Australian school bans clapping to protect sensitive students

This has been realised by a school in Sydney after which it has banned clapping in favour of ‘silent cheering’, ‘excited faces’ and ‘punching the air’.

Elanora Heights Public School, located on Sydney’s northern beaches has introduced the latest no-clapping policy through its latest newsletter.

“If you’ve been to a school assembly recently, you may have noticed our students doing silent cheers,” it said.

“Instead of clapping, the students are free to punch the air, pull excited faces and wriggle about on the spot.”

The newsletter continued to say, “The practice has been adopted to respect members of our school community who are sensitive to noise.

The information suggested teachers to prompt the audience to conduct a silent cheer if it is required.

As per the school officials and policy makers the rule has been introduced to give relief to students who are sensitive to noise and added it minimise fidgeting too.

Whether students or their parents like the latest school initiative or not, it has been facing huge criticism from the Australian media since bans are becoming frequent, it believes.

Australia Day celebrations and hugs had to face bans at a number of schools across the Australian region.

Earlier, a newspaper reported that teachers were asked to stop calling their students as girls, ladies or women to promote gender-neutral language, a move rejected by several schools particularly all-girls schools.




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