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You must avoid refrigerating these food items!

Refrigerator is a scientific innovation and one of the most useful inventions for the mankind. It helps to keep food items fresh but there are several ingredients used everyday which should not be refrigerated for a number of reasons.

Here is a list of food items one should avoid to refrigerate them.

  1. Tomatoes

Refrigerators may prolong the life of the fruit, it suppresses the compounds which produce flavor in it.


  1. Onions

Unless onions are peeled, the vegetable become soft and mouldy. They should be kept in a dark and cool place but not near potatoes as the gases, released from both vegetables, increase the rotting speed of each other.


  1. Bread

The moisture of the bread gets sucked out after which it goes stale. Bread should be sealed in a plastic bag at room temperature.


  1. Bananas

The ripening process of the world’s most popular fruit becomes slow whereas its skin can turn dark. When in large quantity, it should be kept in the freezer for future baking.


  1. Potatoes

The flavor and texture of the vegetable will be affected when being kept in the fridge. It has been recommended that potatoes should be stored in cardboard box in a cool and dark place.


  1. Basil

Refrigerating basil will make it go black. If you have the herb with its roots intact then it should be placed in a jar of water. It will create a fresh aroma as well if the jar is kept in the room as well.


  1. Coffee

Coffee loses all its flavor as it dries out when being kept in the fridge. It behaves as a sponge for scented air inside refrigerators.


  1. Vinaigrette

The salad dressing made of oil and vinegar should not be kept in the fridge as refrigerators will make it into a solid component. It can be refrigerated if it has dairy or minced garlic.


  1. Honey

Honey is best when kept sealed in a dark place. Its sugar crystallization process speeds up after being refrigerated. It becomes difficult to scoop honey out if it.


  1. Garlic

The exterior of the vegetable does not change its colour when being kept in the fridge so we cannot tell whether it can still be used. Therefore, it is recommended that it should be kept in a basket after it sprouts.




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