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Award functions are fraud, says Kangna Ranaut

MUMBAI:  Bollywood’s most outspoken actress Kangna Ranaut recently launched another strike on India’s film industry by terming almost all the award functions “fraud”.

“Ek Number Ke Fraud Hein Aap Log Bhi Mat Dekha Kro(Number one fraud… you people too shouldn’t watch them),” Kangna told India TV in an interview.

She maintained that the system is based upon favouritism and grouping and a lot of money is involved behind the scenes in conferring the awards.

“I find the whole environment (around award shows) repulsive.. I don’t like it at all,” said Kangna.

As to why she only goes to the National Award functions, she maintained that there is not TRP involved there and the actors are not forced to attend.

When asked if she will attend Oscars ceremony if she ever gets the coveted trophy? Kangna said she is not interested in Oscars.

Art is for All

Commenting upon why she started the feud between her and Karan Johar over her “nepotism” remarks, Kangna maintained that she has struggled a lot to attain stardom so she speaks her mind and is not afraid of anyone, let alone Karan Johar.

“He was talking to me and commenting upon me so I too shared one observation about him and we were just exchanging thoughts.. but he took offense,” said Kangna.

When asked if she still believes that only four families rule Bollywood, Kangna said it’s the truth.

“These people (actors from such families) get to know a lot of things from the start, like they know how to do their hair and make up and when they are launched into the industry they get more attention as journalists are already their friends but it does not mean that they are more talented than us, they (actors from such families) see things from a different/limited angle but we too have our own viewpoint and struggle in life and saying that they are better than us is false”

“He wrote a blog about how he auditioned 50, 000 girls and found none of them suitable for a role.. all this is crap,” explained Kangna.



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