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Ayesha Omar and Azfar recount the horrors of their near-fatal accident

According to a local report, Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman narrated the ordeal that they had to go through, when the car they were traveling in from Karachi to Hyderabad collided with a truck. While Azfar suffered a gash to the head, Ayesha’s collar bone was broken and she was in severe pain. According to Ayesha, just as they were about to hit the truck, her whole life flashed before her eyes.

“My entire life flashed in front of my eyes as I held onto my seat waiting to be hit by a truck,” she said. “Just as it was happening, I realised it would be a bad accident. I thought either I would die or get badly injured. And then, my entire life flashed before me. Thoughts about my family, all the things I have yet to accomplish gripped me,”she said and continued, “I thought to myself ‘I am not even married yet, I don’t even have kids’.”

Ayesha Omar

According to Ayesha, she never went to Hyderabad but had only obliged since a clothing brand opened its outlet in the city and had asked her to be present there. Also, her friend Anoushay was to host the event and Azfar Rehman was also among the invited. Hence, it sounded like a fun plan for her to attend.

“I thought it would be a fun day trip. We’d chit chat on the drive. Interestingly, I had to shoot Bulbulay(her hugely popular sitcom) the next day. And we have never cancelled a shoot ever before. But, somehow, my team and I figured out a way for me to take time out. Everything fell into place a little too smoothly,” she said.

When the accident had taken place, Ayesha said there was no sign of an ambulance but a police car did show up to take them away to a hospital.
“A police had arrived but there was no sign of an ambulance; so, Azfar convinced them to take me to a hospital in the police car. “I was crying from the pain. The police officer driving the vehicle told me to recite the kalma so I started doing that loudly. And that really helped.”

Ayesha Omar

According to Ayesha, the hospital also wasn’t a great one either. It had no beds and there were no doctors.
“A post-graduate medical student came in after a couple of hours and took a look at me. We managed to get an x-ray and that’s when we discovered I had broken my collar bone. So my arm was put in a cast.”

Also, the clothing brand was really unkind and insensitive to Azfar and Ayesha’s plight. They demanded she refund the amount that had been paid to them for appearing at their clothing store.
“We contacted them but they weren’t very helpful. They said, ‘Acha accident ho gaya hai? Pehla ap event pay aain. Yahanjo 2,000 log Ayesha ka wait kar rahay hain unn ko shakal dikha dain”

“Maybe they have had a bad experience in the past with other celebrities. We don’t know. They sent someone to take pictures of us as ‘proof’ that we had actually been in an accident. And then asked us to return the money they had given us to attend the event while we were still at the hospital in Jamshoro,” she said.

Ayesha was also really thankful of Azfar and said had he not been there, she probably wouldn’t have made it.

“If he wasn’t there I wouldn’t have made it back. Thank God, I was with him and not with my own driver or the clothing company’s driver. He was there for me, he is my hero,” she said.

Azfar also said it was a ‘life-altering incident.

“It was a life-altering incident. We had no one there to help us. I stopped a car passing by but they said they didn’t have enough space in their car to take us to a hospital. With Ayesha lying there in so much pain, I felt helpless.”

Azfar also lashed out at the lack of empathy the clothing brand showed towards the injured actors.

“What kind of people ask for a refund from someone who is in such a terrible state? They didn’t care that Ayesha had broken her bones or that I had blood gushing down my head or that we were stuck in the middle of nowhere,” he said.



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