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Ayesha Omar speaks of accident ordeal & says on road to recovery

Ayesha Omar
A view of the accident on Super Highway on December 17 in which Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rahman were injured


She said that she had broken her right collar bone and fractured her right shoulder and that the “last three days had been excruciatingly painful”. She said she was finally home and that recovery could take between six and eight weeks.

She also wrote that she was lucky to have Azfar Rahman in the car who was “was in complete control despite sustaining a minor head injury”. She said it was him who took care of her for “the next 3 hours in Jamshoro [right after the accident] and during the excruciating, bumpy and never-ending 4 hour drive alone in an ambulance back to Karachi”.

Actor and model Azfar Rahman

The accident wrote that their accident happened at 6.30 pm on a Thursday and it was at around 2 in the morning on Friday that they reach Karachi’s South City hospital for treatment.


Ayesha Omar’s social media post is reproduced in its entirely below:


“Hello everyone!

“I finally have a bit of strength to write and share my thoughts. I’m typing with my left hand as its my right arm that is immobile so this will take a while. As you all must know, I’ve broken my right collar bone and fractured my right shoulder. The last three days have been excruciatingly painful and I got no sleep the first two nights despite a mixture of heavy painkillers and sedatives.

“Finally got a few hours last night and I’m back home from the hospital. I didn’t lose consciousness at the time of the accident despite being in agonising pain and my first thought was of gratitude. I was shocked and grateful to be alive and wanted to be out of the car asap but was not allowing anyone to touch me because I knew I had broken something in my shoulder and didn’t want to be mishandled.

“We hit an overtaking truck on the highway just before Hyderabad and had two collisions due to being bumped into by another truck from the back. It’s a miracle that me and Azfar came out alive because the car was completely destroyed. I was immobile and picked up by Azfar and a group of passersby and put into a police mobile that transported us to a rundown govt clinic in Jamshoro.

“My next few thoughts were a mixture of extreme terror of being kidnapped or mugged by dacoits on the highway, taking advantage of our vulnerable situation. And of thousands of little kids strewn on the ground after various explosions in the world, with no one to help them and give them any medical help.

“Luckily Azfar was in complete control despite sustaining a minor head injury and it was him who took care of me for the next 3 hours in Jamshoro and during the excruciating, bumpy and never-ending 4 hour drive alone in an ambulance back to Karachi. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made it back safely and god knows how I would’ve been handled.

“We were only surrounded by random men who all recognised me and kept wanting to take pictures. But some kind souls kept covering my face while I was lying on the stretcher in the hospital in Jamshoro. Thank God I was aware enough to keep asking for my bag and phone between screams and yelps, while being carried out of the car so we were able contact people a few hours later.

“Had no access to a proper doctor or painkillers until we reached Khi. Those 6 hours were the toughest few hours of my life and Azfar Rehman protected and cared for me like I was his own child. God bless him a hundred times over and may everyone have friends like him in their lives. He’s proved to be the most amazing friend and care-taker ever. He helped me endure my pain, deal with the trauma and panic, kept wiping my unstoppable tears, and kept me hydrated till we reached Karachi.

“The accident happened at 6:30 pm in the evening and we were received by the ones closest to me at South city hospital at 2 am. From there on it was just x-rays and painkillers. I cannot thank you all enough for all the love and prayers and wishes that have been pouring in through every mode of communication. I wish I could reply to each one of you personally as all your wishes mean a lot but it’s just not possible.

“The love and concern of all my friends, relatives, acquaintances and fans is overwhelming beyond words and I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have come out of this without any fatal or life-threatening injuries. God has been so merciful and kind and I cannot thank Him enough.

“Unfortunately I’m in too much pain, too exhausted and weak to pick up the phone and talk all the time, but will be able to do so and meet people from day after. Inshallah. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks and I’ll be home bound mostly. A much-needed break from my crazy lifestyle. Just wanted to share my experience and thank you all for the boundless love and wishes. A lot of lessons learnt from this entire ordeal and I’m humbled beyond words.

“Maria Wasti, Erum Shahid, Alexandre Rizvi, and Mahnoor Sherazee have been by my side throughout and I could not ask for better care-givers. They did not wince once and have taken care of me beyond any expectations while being in constant touch with my poor stressed mum who was unable to travel immediately. I love you guys and cannot thank you enough. I hope I’m able to do the same for you all, if (God forbid) need be.

“This took one and a half hour to type.

“Kisses, hugs and love.




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