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Ayyan claims she wasn’t absconding with money!

In an investigation conducted by custom officers on Wednesday, Ayyan revealed that she never intended to leave the country with the $500,000 she had been apprehended for allegedly smuggling. The supermodel elaborated that her brother, who was coming from Dubai on the same flight she planned to board, was meant to take the money from her and reach Karachi with it.

The investigation team which grilled Ayyan for the second time, was headed by Superintendant Zargam Dil. Ayyan informed the investigation team that her brother was meant to take the money from her and fly to Karachi. Once there, he would invest in real estate with the money. The supermodel also revealed that she had been waiting for her brother outside Rawal Lounge, where he would have taken the money from her.

According to sources, the model cum singer was asked again how she had come across such a lofty sum. Ayyan had provided the same answer she had given in the previous interrogations; that she had sold file for residential plots. Ali had earlier also claimed that she had sold a property to Khalid Malik, brother of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

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Ayyan Ali has been languishing in Adiala Jail ever since she was caught with foreign currency and charged with illegal possession of the money. Controversy erupted when Ayyan’s father was shot when he tried to visit his daughter after a hearing, few weeks ago. Her father placed the blame on Khalid Malik and blamed him for organizing the shooting.

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How the situation ends for Ayyan, only time will tell. However, for now, there seems a lot has still to be revealed as to who facilitated the model in her bid to carry such a large amount.



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